Graphite Blade GB-4 (375mm)

Simply wiping when the glass is dry powerfully repels rain and provides comfortable visibility. The secret is silicone rubber containing concentrated Glaco compounds. When used on glass surfaces coated with Glaco, it restores the deteriorated water-repellent film and prolongs the rain repellent effect. Furthermore, the newly developed graphite coating drastically reduces juddering and squeaking. Glaco Graphite Blades are equipped with a Japanese-made high-rigidity frame that prevents judder during operation and ensures stable wiping.

Category Glaco Graphite Blade Parts No GB-4
Applicable For
BDT 1,400

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Applicable for:

Honda: Accord, Odyssey, Civic

Mitsubishi: Pajero io

Subaru: Impreza, Forester, 

Before replacement

  • After opening the package, check that the wiper rubber of this product has not come off and that there are no deformed or missing parts.
  • Stop the engine and make sure the wiper switch is OFF.
  • Remove traffic film and dirt from the glass beforehand.
  • Please work on the glass and body with a soft cloth or similar material to prevent scratches.

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