How to Make Pre Order


A. What are the benefits of a pre-order car?
There are a number of cases where pre ordering can be a great advantage.

1. When you want a specific car with high features options.
2. You may not want to pay for features you won’t use. Generally, you need to pay for extra cost for these unwanted features especially on those already built-in vehicles available at the marketplace.
3. You want a newer model vehicle that is not found at any car dealership.
4. After all, you will receive your preferred model within your expected mileage, color and any other options at Preorder.

B. How long does a pre-order usually take to deliver in Bangladesh?

Typically, it takes around 6-7 weeks for a car to arrive in Bangladesh. Upon Port clearance and servicing ,It may take upto 8 weeks to deliver your dream car at doorstep.

C. How much money does it cost to place an order?

You are required to place an agreed minimum deposit (depending on the car models)
with RT FRONUSE in order to secure and lock-in the desired vehicle with an overseas dealer.
During this processing period, if you require a car loan facility for your dream car,
RT FRONUSE will guide and advise you on the loan status with your desired banker at a special rate.
You need to furnish personal info to the banker for processing.

If you have the flexibility on waiting for a specific car within a certain period, a pre-ordering vehicle can be a fantastic way to get a specific car exactly how you want. Whether you are considering a pre-order or a vehicle that is readily available at our RT FRONUSE showroom, RT FRONUSE can help you get a great deal on exactly what you want. Please Call our expert team at 01784296816 and 01979791005 (Whatsapp) for assistance.